Found a great script for removing ghosted (hidden) NICS on Frank Peter’s blog.

Using the Microsoft devcon.exe tool the script compares the output of find and findall. If the matching device count is not equal the additional device is removed.

  • find - Find devices that match the specific hardware or instance ID.
  • findall - Find devices including those that are not present.

The Device Console Utilitu (DevCon) is available from however this version is outdated. An up to date version can be acquired from the Windows Driver Kit.

Detailed instructions on how to extract DevCon can be found on

  1. Download Windows Driver Kit. See “Links” section for dowonload [sic] location of the most recent version of WDK.
  2. Extract or mount ISO.
  3. To obtain DevCon.exe you need either to:
  • install WDK:
    • execute KitSetup.exe and follow on-screen instructions.
  • or perform Administrative Installation of “setuptools_<Platform>fre” Microsoft Software Installer (MSI) package:
    • execute the following command:
      • "%SystemRoot%\System32\msiexec.exe" /a "<path to WDK>\setuptools_<Platform>fre.msi" targetdir="<Desired Path>"
    • for example, assuming that:
      • you need DevCon.exe for x64 (aka AMD64 aka EM64T) platform,
      • you mounted WDK ISO as drive D:,
      • you want to find DevCon.exe under your Temporary directory;
    • you should execute:
      • "%SystemRoot%\System32\msiexec.exe" /a "D:\WDK\setuptools_x64fre.msi" targetdir="%temp%"

Keep in mind that you should have a working local administrator account and password. Should networking break its the only way back into the server.


devcon.exe findall =net >%TEMP%\%~n0-findall.tmp
devcon.exe find =net >%TEMP%\%~n0-find.tmp

FOR /F %%i IN ('find.exe "matching device" ^<%TEMP%\%~n0-findall.tmp') DO SET findall=%%i
FOR /F %%i IN ('find.exe "matching device" ^<%TEMP%\%~n0-find.tmp') DO SET find=%%i

IF %findall% EQU %find% (
    ECHO Nothing to do.
    GOTO :End

FOR /F "TOKENS=1,2 DELIMS=:" %%i IN ('find.exe /V "matching device" ^<%TEMP%\%~n0-findall.tmp') DO (
    find.exe "%%i" <%TEMP%\%~n0-find.tmp >NUL || (
        ECHO Remove "%%j"
        devcon.exe remove "@%%i"

DEL %TEMP%\%~n0-*.tmp